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Want your bookmarks available on all your devices, and saved forever?

We’ve all lost our bookmarks at least once. Don't let that happen to you again.

From: Pete Bowen, at a coffee shop somewhere with internet.

Here's the problem ... bookmarks are temporary.

BookMarkPlus gets rid of the frustration

The top of my BookMarkPlus page. Links are organised into groups to make them easy to find.

I built BookMarkPlus for myself in 2010 because I got frustrated after losing my bookmarks again.

At the time I was the technical half of a two-man training business. While sharing my screen in a webinar a student asked what the page with all the links was. I showed them BookMarkPlus. Many of them have used it every day since. Here’s what they say…

It saves me about 15 minutes every day - 91.25 hours each year - and that's worth $6 250 at my current hourly rate.
Peter Carruthers

I cannot imagine life without it.
George L Bertram

Simple, inexpensive and a great boon to my system, thank you.
Chris Wilkinson

Worth every cent. BookmarkPlus is my lifeline to the internet. I use it dozens of times everyday to easily access the many sites which I like to visit.
John Graham

This is my home screen. My computer-life will be disrupted without BookMarkPlus.
Lofty Fourie

Buy happiness for $49 per year

Your investment in never losing your bookmarks again is just $49 per year. You can try it now, for 30 days, without paying.

At the end of the trial period I’ll ask if you want to continue using BookMarkPlus. If you do, enter your card details and your payment will be processed securely by Stripe. I never see your card number.

Try BookMarkPlus now

100% satisfaction guarantee

You'll start with a free 30-day fully-functional trial. At the end of the trial I’ll ask you to enter card details and pay for a year’s use if you think it's worth the price.

If you change your mind you can cancel without notice. If you cancel within 30 days of paying I’ll refund your payment. The best way to cancel is by using the support form, but emailing or calling is also fine.

I won’t bill you for renewal automatically. When it’s time to renew next year I’ll ask you to think carefully about the value you’re getting from BookMarkPlus. If you’re not getting your money’s worth you shouldn’t renew.

My promises to you

- Pete Bowen

P.S. When I built this a decade ago I never thought it'd be one of very few tools that people use every single day. I'm humbled by that and by the kind things they say about it. Try BookMarkPlus now

Here's how people use BookMarkPlus

In their own words...

It's my disaster recovery plan. My whole business is online. Nothing vital runs, or is stored on local hardware. I can operate from anywhere. I’m not vulnerable to hardware failure. I just need to find a machine, any machine, no matter how old, no matter what operating system, no matter where, and within seconds my business is functional again. BookMarkPlus is the dashboard for all my online services.

To store affiliate links. I’ve got a group with all my affiliate links. Every time I sign up to a new affiliate program I add my unique URL to the group. That makes it easy to copy and paste them into newsletters, landing pages, articles etc.

For my reading lists. I often find stuff I want to read when I’m not able to read it right away. I add the link to my "To read" list so I’ve always got something to read when I’ve got some downtime. I have another list "Read again" where I keep links for stuff I’ve read and know I’ll want to refer to in the future.

To get new employees up to speed. I’ve got an account for each of my employees. When we hire a new person I set up links to everything they’re going to use like their email, the payslip system, deep links into our site to pages like addresses of all the branches, our refund policy and so on.

To show my parents pictures of the grand kids. We live in a different country to my parents. They’ve got "the facebooks" but get confused trying to find anything. I set up a BookMarkPlus account for the. I add direct links to photo albums of important family events. Each grandkid has their own group of links and I use obvious names like "“"Emma’s 5th birthday party" so they can find their way back to the pictures over and over.

To get to my Google Docs fast. At work we use Google for everything. I’ve got links to the spreadsheets and docs I use every day in one group, and the ones I use at month end in another. It’s so much faster to find than going through Google docs. There are also a few that only get updated at the end of the financial year. I’ve got them linked from their own group or I’d never be able to find them

To track deliveries. I add all parcel tracking links to a group called "Deliveries" as I get them. I delete the links as the parcels arrive so it’s both a shortcut to finding the links instead of having to dig through my email, and a way to make sure everything I’ve ordered actually arrives. Try BookMarkPlus now

"Worth every cent ..."

Worth every cent. Bookmark Plus is my lifeline to the internet. I use it dozens of times everyday to easily access the many sites which I like to visit.
John Graham

Simply the best "extension" for archiving frequently used websites. Use it continuously.

Ever since I started using BookMarkPlus Way Back When I have come to rely on it no matter where I am or on which device I am (that includes my mobile). I cannot imagine life without it.
George L Bertram

Most useful aid, well worth the cost.

I have used BookMarkPlus for many years. Virtually everyone I have shown it to has also adopted it as their browser default page too.

The benefits are so obvious. The webpages I use are grouped under headings that make sense to me making them easy to find. If I don't remember in which group I placed it, I can search for the description I used. Voila!

I use multiple computers, with at least three different browsers on each. No more searching or syncing bookmarks across the browsers and all the complications that go with that.

By making BookMarkPlus the default page for each browser, I always have easy access to my bookmarks. This not only saves a lot of frustration but also a lot of time. The subscription is well worth it. Thank you Peter.

I have used Bookmarksplus for years now. I use it across 5 devices including my phone. It makes life so much easier.
Peter Shunn

Have been using BookMarkPlus for quite a few years now. Can honestly say that it's by far the best way to organise all your web browsing activities. Could not do without it. Saves so much time and so simply to use. Best of all you can use it on all your devices.
Will Gearing

Simple, inexpensive and a great boon to my system, thank you.
Chris Wilkinson

A wonderful tool, which I certainly never want to miss and use every day since I have learnt of it. No easier way for me to find all my bookmarks on the web, well sorted and clearly structured. So to speak my dashboard before I get surfing.

This is my home screen. My computer-life will be disrupted without Bookmarkplus. Not sure the starting date, but it must be close to 10 years of service to me now. Well done Pete.
Lofty Fourie

How does anybody function efficiently without this app? I have used it for so many years, that I cannot imagine having to work without it. The time wasted and frustration remembering/trying to access all the sites that I need to access, whether daily or annually, if I don't use this app, is just not an option.
Marius (67y experience)

It's my go to and don't know what I would do without bookmarkplus.
Andrew Bell

I have no idea how long I have been using Bookmarkplus from Peter Bowen for but it must be more than 10 years.

It is brilliant.

I have it on every one of my computers, laptops and tablets/phones that I use for various purposes. I can access anything I want from anywhere on any computer anywhere and I instantly have all my stuff right in front of me. Quick and eay and always in the same place on the scren. There is even a search to use when you can't find your own links.

...I will stick with Bookmarkplus as it is stable and works everytime on any browser on any device.

I can 200% recommend Bookmarkplus to anybody that has a mess on their desktop or in their favourites. This will put some order in your life and it is extremely easy to setup.

Well done Peter Bowen for producing a winner. Get yours now at bookmarkplus.net NOTE: I am not being paid to write a glowing testimonial. I honestly believe that using Bookmarkplus will dramatically change your online experience.

I can barely remember the days when changing PC's was a nightmare of trying to export and save favourites to the new machine. And don't talk to me about switching browsers! We couldn't live without BookMarkPlus now.

I have worked in the computer industry for 37 years. BookMarkPlus is the home page for all of the browsers I use because their bookmark functions just cannot hold a candle to it. BookMarkPlus saves me so much time and scratching around in this somewhat ancient brain of mine!
Phil Curtis

Since installing this bookmark app, I use nothing else to access my websites .... seamless. I will be lost without it.
Peter Telle

Hi Pete just want to thank you for the use of Bookmarkplus. I have used it for many years now and it has been invaluable to me as I use it over all my devices. God bless you.
Alan Oliver

This is an awesome bookmarking system. Allows you to compartmentalise all your favourite and less important URLs accordingly.

The interface is clean and neat! Being organised help's you find what you looking at a glance and saves precious time!

It's really great to have all my URLs in one place and being able to access them on any computer. Highly recommend Bookmarkplus.

It's my main dashboard on all my devices and I would not know what to do without it.
Robert G

Works exquisitely! Anywhere, anytime, any operating system.

Been using it for years. Its the home page on all my devices. Saves me a fortune of wasted time.

Bookmarks is a great tool to have and a huge time saver....I would hate to be without it!
Liz Olver

I have been using Bookmark Plus since inception. I LOVE it. All my go to places are available to me anywhere, anytime, and on all my devices. Just a click away :)
Cheryl Watson

I have been using Bookmarkplus for many years and keep recommending it to clients and friends.

Have used BookMarkPlus for years now and that's because it's so useful to be able to login from any computer and access all saved links so easily. Easy too to separate into categories and so no time wasted scrolling down long lists. Thanks Peter!

Love bookmarkplus... saves me so much time accessing my critical links as well as those that I use less, but don't want to forget. Thank you for making my online activity a breeze on multiple devices.

Using for the past 4 years. Great tool and can recommend any day. 5 star app.
Danie Farr

Been using BookmarkPlus now for more than 10 years and I regard it as my personal filing assistant for links that I'm using, frequently and infrequently. Feeling safe in the knowledge that my useful links are there whenever I need them.
Faan Geyser

I find it a very handy way to organise all my links - cell phone, ipad and PC

I have been using this amazing tool for as long as I can remember - I would be "lost" without it.

A great tool to keep all your often- (and not so often) used website links. One click and the website opens. And it comes with layout options. A definite time-saver.

Bookmarkplus.net stores all my many links in easy to find sections. A really useful and valuable tool.
Andrew Bell

I've used Bookmark Plus pretty much since its first appearance, the real value comes to light when you suddenly find yourself with a new (usually unplanned for) PC in front of you. We tend to take the easy day to day use for granted but things would be a lot tougher without it.
Kobus Kruger

It saves me from a lot of searching.
Faan Kruger

Awesome, timesaving, convenient Dashboard. Everything is exactly where I want it when I want it without needing to search for Websites.

Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Cellphone. This shared homepage allows the most productive web access from all of my devices from the same familiar home page. Now it is easy to instantly navigate to those frequently visited pages and store those important but infrequently used links neatly organized by category.
Eduard Hanekom

I have used BookMark Plus for many years and I enjoy it as it is an easy place to keep all my sites, and I can add to it / remove, re-arrange etc. Excellent help for me!
Steve Thorns

I've been using it for a few years now, it's just an easy and quick way to access websites I visit frequently (and not so frequently) which means I don't have to remember the website names, I just click on the links - it's convenient. And I like that you can group the links under different categories, makes them easier to find among my many websites I've bookmarked.

I've been using BookMarkPlus for a few years now and am loving it. The best part is the convenience of it, and that I can categorize my favorite sites.
Simone Khan

Bookmarkplus is the backbone of my working and personal life. It is the first tab open on ALL my browers everywhere and wherever I am and it allows me easy organization of my browsing activity. Stable, easy to use - I would be at a complete loss with out it- HIGHLY RECCOMEND 5 STARS

Love Bookmarkplus, have used it from its inception and wouldn't go without it

BookMarkPlus is wonderful! I have been using BookMarkPlus for a few years and I would not cope easily without it because I use many devices and it's great to open any device and feel at home. I would recommend it to anyone, even technically challenged souls... in fact, especially them.
Tracey Russell

I've used BookMarkPlus for probably 5 years now and it has become an indispensible tool for storing my important websites on the Internet, both for business and private purposes.

All my important websites are listed in separate menus and because the menu content is stored remotely and not on any specific device, the menus are available from any device or computer and from anywhere in the world. Whenever I find a site while browsing that I'd like to come back to, I use BookMarkPlus to store a reference to it rather than storing the address in a browser bookmark.

As happens to everyone, I've had a number of new computers and devices over the years and the first thing I do on the new device or computer is set up a link to the BookMarkPlus site, and get instant and permanent access to all the stored menu items from the new device or computer.

I would highly recommend BookMarkPlus, especially at the low price of a couple of US dollars per month - that's about the same as a cup of coffee per month!!
Jonathan Braude

I have been using the BookMarkPlus platform for several years now and cannot imagine not using it. This facility is user friendly, I have had no down time, and it generally improves my day to day efficiency.
Bryan Peach

The bookmarks are easy to setup. You can also link to internal sites on your network. It's useful to have all your links under heading visible at once. And if you use various PCs, you can easily have your links available.

Bookmarkplus is the best tool to hit the internet since sliced bread. I cannot operate with it. It works across my laptop, phone and any other computer I happen to use. Cannot recommend it enough.

I would recommend and I have done so. I love this site as although every laptop has bookmark page etc this site you can save everything that suits your needs and it makes life so much easier. However the best benefit of this site is that you can get it on any device , phone etc which actually saves you time from re -looking up certain sites.
Theresa Cummings

I know browsers have things called Favorites and even when synchronised on different devices it is cumbersome to use. It may be useful for saving websites when one does a bit of research, but that is about it.

I've been using BookmarkPlus since Peter Bowen created it. For the first while it was free, now payable which is also cool as I love it so much. It's so good I take a subscription for all my staff every year.

My requirement for the staff is to have BookmarkPlus open in their browsers. In fact, the default opening page on their browser is setup to open BookmarkPlus. Once the browser is open, they open the account system and Gmail or Gsuite where the company emails are run through.

Using BookmarkPlus is a huge time saver as one easily saves the landing page you want to be on, whether it's for banking or any other often-used programs, saving multiple clicks to get to the page so that you can login. The staff are much more productive using BookmarkPlus we avoid phishing and are thus safer and we get to everything quickly.

Now at whichever PC or device you are using, you simply log into BookmarkPlus and all your often used websites are stored the way you like to arrange and group them. Simple, easy and effective.

I highly recommend subscribing to BookmarkPlus it will make your life much easier and you definitely won't regret it. Also, Peter Bowen is someone you can trust and he comes up with very simple effective software. Do it now, you know you want to.
Henk Schuiling

I've been using BookMarkPlus.net for over three years now. !!! Its like having my own personal cloud server. I have access to everything from wherever I am in the world, even without my device!

This is how important that is: While walking the Camino in Spain I lost me Cell Phone. I'd lost my life and my connection to the world - or so I thought.

I went out and bought anouther cheap temporary smartphone, downloaded BookMarkPlus.net and within 3 seconds. I again had access to everything I'd lost but had bookmarked (which is everything) Thank you Peter. Im a customer forever.
Steve Buchalter

Bookmarkplus is like "bookmarks" on Steroids. Always available on all devices. Never have to look for a bookmark again. I cannot work without it!
Nick Davel

I am really grateful for this application to sort and store all the valuable resource website-links that I need to be most effective in my business and life. This application ROCKS!
Jo Kearney (Meraki Consulting Coaching & Mentorship)

If you are like me and are continually opening, closing, saving links to read later (at the risk of your browser timing out and losing those essential reads), fear no more.

BookMarKPlus, I bought from Pete 5 years ago and renew regularly, solves the problem BIG TIME - I simply can't operate without it and probably the most valuable business tool I have. Peace of mind in saving your valuable go-to domains is what you get in this amazing software. Don't hesitate, just do it.
Paul Blignaut - Cape Town

I've been using bookmarkplus for a few months now and love it, it has certainly made my life a lot easier. Very simple to set up and navigate to your popular website. I highly recommend this app.
David McAuley

Hello, I was told about Bookmarks by a friend & I'm grateful beyond belief! This is the Easiest Organization tool & method I have ever seen or heard of that actually works 100% Perfectly! Quick, easy efficient beyond belief. This "lil diddy" has actually saved me so, so much time. Time-the one thing no one can replace. It is also actually quite fun! It is amazingly affordable, incredibly fast & easy to set-up & use. I recommend this incredible product for everyone. It is so easy that the children who must do school, school work &/or anything else, this is Perfect for ANYONE, No matter what age! I cannot recommend Bookmarks enough. Warmly, Sue Mara-A faithful Bookmarks User Susan Mara
Sue Mara

BookMarkPlus is all my Internet use in one place. Every link is stored under an appropriate heading making it easy to find. I love how effective and simple it is to use.

I have been BookMarkPlus for over 1 year now and am fully satisfied. This system is fast, accurate and very trustable. I am really proud to be able to use such a practical and time-saving system.
Jules N Pedneault

Like so many others, I can only echo my approval. I have integrated it into my daily workflow, and now I would really miss it if I had to do without it. The concept is simple and at first glance, one would think I don't need this - it's just more bloat. But it is so much more convenient than the browser bookmark manager. And it's really fast as well. Warning: If you try it for a week you will never do without it again.
Dave Britzius

BookMarkPlus is the solution to organizing the bottomless pit of a "digital junk drawer."

It is my dashboard, helping me navigate the multitude of cloud storage platforms I use across different search engines. I use Safari, and Duck Duck Go on my phone, but exclusively Chrome on my Mac. On top of that, I keep tons of work and archival files on Google Drive, Dropbox, and Onedrive.

It's incredibly convenient to log into BookMarkPlus and have every link organized in one place and only one click away.
Michelle Revolta

Thanks Pete for a wonderful product! I have known about it for quite a long time but never got round to purchasing it.

BookMarkPlus is really good at organizing the sites that I use a lot and the best is categorizing them and being available on all the platforms that I use. There may be similar apps out there but they don't compare with the ease of use. Maybe an integrated password manager would crown it!!!. Again, thank you for a time saving experience!

I have been using Bookmarkplus for probably ten years. A bookmark application that can be used across various browsers is very convenient. It is a big time saver to immediately get to the correct place on a website, i.e. directly to the login screen, without going through several steps. I use it every day across multiple desk and mobile devices. I highly recommend this solution as a significantly time-saving and easy-to-use application.
Jurie Lombard

I love having my bookmarks to the World Wide Web so readily accessible, grouped, and at my fingertips. A huge time saver. Thank you for keeping it simple and effective, Peter.
Richard De Villiers

When I first heard of BookMarkPlus I thought "Oh no! I don't want to learn another piece of software! And I have my favourites..." But after using BookMarkPlus for a bit I realized that the 'off the shelf' favourites cannot organize things so well as BookMarkPlus. What I like most: It's easy to use. It makes life simple. I can create and move around my own categories. I've recommended it quite a few friends already, who are all duly impressed.
Gerrit Cloete

Pete Bowen’s BookMarkPlus is my lifeline to the internet! BookMarkPlus gives me easy access to various, sometimes seldom accessed, internet pages. I would otherwise have to search through my old notebooks to find the correct links. BookMarkPlus makes that simple. Besides my laptop, it’s also handy to have access on my phone. I’ve used it for 10 or 11 years already; living without all those easy-access links would be difficult! It’s a simple and inexpensive productivity tool. Highly recommended!
Wietze Post

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